Learning Topics

Stay up-to-date!  Select from one of our six learning topics below to learn about the most recent updates in the field of digital marketing.  With our constantly updating, category-specific blog feed, you will always be in the know with digital marketing efforts that are happening today!  Each of our six learning topics connects with one of our Course Units, where you can learn from a university-level Digital Marketing course taught at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

For Websites & Blogs

Websites and blogs are the first step in getting your business seen on the internet


SEO focuses on increasing the visibility of a website in unpaid search engine results.

For Social Media

Social media platforms help businesses connect with consumers and extend their reach

For Paid Search

Paid search focuses on increasing a website’s visibly on search engines

For Email Marketing

Email Marketing helps a business keep in touch with its customers

For Analytics

Analytics help track the success of an internet marketing strategy and determine the next step